Autumn Comfort
Media: Coloured Pencil, Kraft Paper, Acrylic
The year of 2015 ended quite drastically for me. In the space of two weeks in December I had to put down my beloved Saluki of 10 years and the next week lost my aunt to Cancer after a long 3 year battle. To say it was a transformational experience would be an understatement. In the early parts of 2016 I decided I needed a change and moved from Canada back home to England to throw myself into my artwork full time and be closer to family.
I’ve been here a little over a month now and was struggling to find the right direction I wanted to go in. As a creative, sometimes you have to just let it go and go with the flow and so I noodled away on this coloured pencil piece inspired by my kindred spirit who I had to say goodbye to in the winter.
I love how this piece came out even though it was largely experimental, I can see myself doing more pieces like this.
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